Courtney Stodden’s Mom Krista Keller Wants To Adopt A 42-Year-Old Man!! What The What?!

courtney stodden mom wants to adopt

Courtney Stodden‘s family is about to get bigger!

Krista Keller may be most famous for being the mother and former manager to Doug Hutchison‘s wife. However, it seems since Krista’s estrangement from her daughter, she’s looking for new clients to play mom/manager to.

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On Tuesday, it was reported that Courtney’s mom is now working with TV host, John Kerwin. The duo have reportedly gotten so close that Krista and John have considered legal adoption — despite the fact he’s 42-years-old!

She shared:

“John’s mother passed away four years ago. I feel like he’s my son, he feels like I’m his mother. I can’t say ‘momager’ anymore because of Kris Jenner, so we’re going to be using ‘mumager.’ He’s going to be my son!”

What the what?!

Apparently, John’s an only child and looks to Krista as his family since he lost his mother. Aww, that’s sweet!

She continued:

“I totally love this person, and he loves me as his mother. I’m going to have the son I’ve never had before. I’m so excited. He’s so funny.”

Hmm, very inneresting. We wonder how Courtney feels about this new addition?!

As the blonde beauty and her mom had a falling out last month over Krista stepping down as her manager — we’re guessing she’s not thrilled by the news.

The “Mumager” explained:

“She totally really got upset with me about the timing when I stepped [down]… and I feel with this particular situation I am going to be so much more appreciated and so much more loved.”

Whoa! Well, hopefully Courtney welcomes John into the family when Krista bring him home from the hospital his apartment.

What do you think?! Should Krista adopt John?

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Jun 10, 2015 10:26am PST

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