Duggar Neighbors Speak Out About Scandal And Coverage — See What They Had To Say HERE!

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Sometimes there’s nothing you can do.

We all know by now the massive amount of coverage that the Josh Duggar molestation story has received — and it just keep pouring in. While many want to know as much as possible, there are others who are tired of it — namely the residents of Tontitown, Arkansas and its neighboring towns in Washington County.

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That’s because these residents are Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar‘s neighbors and people who live close to the reality tv family. Over the past few weeks, they’ve received all kinds of media attention in their town that they’re both tired of and feel is not necessary. People spoke with a few townspeople and neighbors and got their opinions on the matter, including Grace Branham, a 85-year-old public school teacher and longtime friend of the Duggars says of the coverage:

“It’s tough on the girls. When will they stop all this publicity? It’s time to put it to rest. It’s a real tragedy for the family. Everybody I talk to is so tired of it. I think it’s horrible.”

There are several who agree with this but others who also seem to believe that there was more attention brought by finger pointing. Rhonda Doudna, a Tontitown town council elder woman, who “just want[s] some peace to come back [to the town]” also had a strong opinion of Michelle and Jim Bob in regards to the accusation that police chief Kathy O’Kelley had an agenda:

“What happened to them was wrong, with everybody pointing fingers at them before the facts were known. I still don’t know all the facts. But then they pointed fingers at the police chief. That’s when all of this started going sideways.”

As you can imagine, there has been a massive influx of calls and requests into the city, hoping to probe for extra information, no place more than the police department. One Tontitown Police Department clerk spoke up in regards to their phone lines saying

“Calls from all around the country. Some want to know why we released the records and others [are asking], ‘Why aren’t you prosecuting Josh?’ It’s not us!”

Though the police department is having to wrangle a lot of the mess since they are at the center of the case, the clerk is reminding everyone that,

“The victims [aren’t getting] any closure. I just want peace.”

Though it’s difficult to imagine what kind of world the town is living in being under a national media microscope, there still is a certain amount of importance to getting the facts and finding the truth — as long as it’s done in a respectable way. Hopefully this will all be over with sooner rather than later and the good townspeople of Tontitown can move on.

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Jun 10, 2015 7:25am PDT

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