Fox Is Trying To Erase The Existence Of Old Fantastic Four Movies Before Reboot Release! Find Out How HERE!

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This is a strange call on Fox‘s part.

In anticipation of the reboot of Fantastic Four, we’re guessing a lot of fans are keen to revisit the 2005 version starring Jessica Alba and Chris Evans. Well, those people are out of luck, because both Fantastic Four and its 2007 sequel Rise Of The Silver Surfer have become as invisible as Sue Storm!

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Fox has removed the earlier iterations of the Marvel superheroes from both iTunes and Amazon streaming!

According to insiders, the move is to keep the films from distracting from promotion for the reboot starring Michael B. Jordan and co.

The films are now almost completely unavailable to watch online.

You can still buy the physical DVDs or rent them through the mail via Netflix, but srsly — who does that anymore??

Frankly, this move doesn’t seem very Reed Richards genius-y to us.

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First, all that rental money from people who want to compare the old movies to the new? Totally left on the table. Second, as critically panned as the old ones were — not to mention out-dated, visual effects-wise — the new flick must compare favorably, right?

Batman Begins was just decent, but it was being held up next to Batman & Robin that made it seem like The Godfather!

All we’re saying is if they believe in the future of the franchise, they shouldn’t have to run from their past.

[Image via 20th Century Fox.]

Jun 10, 2015 4:24pm PST

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