Miranda Cosgrove’s Stalker Violates His Sentence And Is Now Banned From Social Media For A Year! Scary Scoop HERE!

miranda cosgrove drama continues

So scary!

On Wednesday, it was reported that Joshua Stockton, the man convicted of stalking Miranda Cosgrove, is now banned from using social media for a year after attempting to get information about the starlet last week.

Oh no!

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Reportedly, the scary superfan was given a furlough from his psych hospital after demonstrating “good behavior”!

In case you forgot, this is the same man who was ordered last October to stay at least 100 yards away from the iCarly star and to not contact anyone for the purpose of harassing her.

Well, that obviously didn’t last long as Stockton almost immediately got online and attempted to contact Miranda’s friends after arriving at his parents’ house.

The Dancing Crazy singer was notified and Stockton was whisked away to court — where the judge was vehement that another misstep would result in prison time. In fact, he threatened 4 years behind bars to be exact! Yikes!

Thankfully for Miranda, the convicted stalker has now returned to his psych facility. The former Nickelodeon actress has yet to comment on the drama — but we can only imagine she’s relieved that her stalker situation is finally resolved.

[Image via Instagram.]

Jun 10, 2015 9:00am PDT

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