‘Fappening’ Update: Investigators Believe The Nudes Leak Is Bigger Than Initially Reported & They Know Where The Hack Originated!

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This is bad news for those who value their privacy and the privacy of others!

On Wednesday it was reported by investigators that the infamous 2014 celebrity nudes leak is bigger than originally estimated, with a report of 2,500 iCloud accounts targeted.

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Sheesh!! That’s A LOT of private information!!

According to the FBI, the hacks originated from a man named Emilio Herrera in Chicago, though investigators say he’s NOT a suspect, elaborating:

“IP and email addresses can be masked or spoofed through a variety of technologies, and Internet data can be routed through third-party computers without their owners’ knowledge using any of a number of software packages.”

How scary! It would be AWFUL to have your email used for such nefarious purposes!

As for the extent of the hacking, insiders confirm that two email accounts belonging to Herrera were successfully used to access 572 accounts around six times each and that there were nearly 5,000 attempts to reset 1,987 other iCloud passwords.

Based off this data, it’s clear the attack was coordinated and planned opposed to a glitch in iCloud security settings.

The police added:

“A number of them were accounts of celebrities who had photos leaked online…celebrities, models or their friends and families.”

Just awful. All we can hope is that justice will be served in this ISANE and complicated case!!

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Jun 10, 2015 12:33pm PDT

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