Hang On! Homer And Marge Simpson AREN’T Splitting Up After All??

Homer and Marge Simpson are still going strong!

Cowabunga, man!

This week, The Simpsons producer Al Jean opened up to Variety about the upcoming season of the show, as well as the fate of Homer and Marge Simpson’s marriage.

In the interview, Al explained that the couple was going to legally separate.

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But on the show’s Twitter page, they seem pretty adamant that the two are NOT breaking up! The Simpsons posted this pic (above) of Bart writing on a chalkboard that his parent’s aren’t splitting up! The caption reads:

“RT and stop the rumors! #TheSimpsons”

Sooooo then why would one of the show’s producers say they were separating?

Turns out, the whole thing was a misunderstanding! D’oh! Al took to Twitter as well, to clear the whole thing up:


We were a little worried for the OTP, because let’s be honest if Marge hasn’t left Homer by now, it’s safe to say she never will!

[Image via The Simpsons/Twitter.]

Jun 11, 2015 9:08pm PDT

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