6-Year-Old Girl Smacked By Soldier In Front Of Queen Elizabeth II — And She Didn’t Even Notice!!

queen elizabeth ii ignores child smack


On Thursday, Queen Elizabeth II went to Cardiff to present the Royal Welsh regiment with their new colors — however, no one was paying attention to the Royal matriarch since a 6-year-old girl was accidentally smacked in the face by a soldier.

Don’t believe us?!

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One journalist caught the incredibly AWKWARD moment on camera and took to Twitter to share it with the world:

Chill out, soldier!

The adorable little tyke is Maisie Gregory — who was tasked with handing the Queen a bouquet of flowers. Is anyone else shocked that Prince George‘s great-grandmother didn’t notice that it happened?!

However, what’s not seen is that the soldier immediately turned around and apologized to Maisie. We just suggest the soldier lower his caffeine intake before any other royal appearances!

Maisie’s mom, Joanne Gregory, has since confirmed that the little one is totally fine just a little overtired.

We think Maisie’s going to remember this day for the rest of her life — whether that is a good thing or a bad thing! Maybe the royal family will pay for therapy?! HA!

[Image via Euan Cherry/WENN.]

Jun 11, 2015 1:48pm PDT

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