Amy Schumer Just Did Something REALLY Nice For This College Student — Find Out What HERE!

Amy Schumer is super funny AND super generous!

At this point it’s safe to say Amy Schumer is pretty much the perfect person.

We already know she’s a master photobomber, and she loves surprising her fans — even if it’s mid-jog. Now she’s showing us just how generous she can be.

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The HIGHlarious comedienne was out to eat in Long Island, New York last weekend at Peter’s Clam Bar when she started chatting up her server, a college student named Ryan.

The two reportedly talked about how Ryan works two jobs to pay for school. So, when Amy and her dinner date got their $49 bill, she left a pretty hefty tip… $500!


According to a source, not only was the Trainwreck star incredibly generous, she was also “very friendly.”

We just love how much Amy was willing to help out a complete and total stranger! Now, we don’t expect everyone to walk around doling out hundreds of dollars at restaurants, but remember folks, tip your servers!

[Image via Zibi/WENN.]

Jun 15, 2015 4:54pm PDT

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