Are You Sick Of Hollywood Remakes? Too Bad! Kindergarten Cop Is Getting A Remake — With Some 21st Century Twists!

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Hollywood executives get thousands upon thousands of original scripts a week, exploring worlds and characters that have yet to be created on screen.

But the last time an original story was produced, we got Jupiter Ascending — so on with Hollywood’s age of reboots! LOLz!

In a not surprising announcement, Universal revealed they were remaking the 1990 flick Kindergarten Cop!

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But don’t expect the same story as the Arnold Schwarzenegger classic!

Instead of hunting down a criminal’s ex-wife, the the cop will be tracking down a lost flash drive that gets in the hands of a kids’ classroom — the leading cop will also be joined by an Indian sidekick named Sanjit!

A flash drive? An Indian sidekick?! What postmodern twists!

No casting information has been released just yet, but we hope Arnie at least makes a cameo — we’re thinking a zany school principal is just what we can expect from this film!

Are YOU excited for yet again another remake to make its way to the big screen?

Jun 15, 2015 11:18am PDT

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