Rachel Dolezal Once Filed A Lawsuit Claiming She Faced Discriminated For Being White … Wait, What?!

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The more we learn about Rachel Dolezal‘s past, the more questions arise.

Rachel affirms to this day she is black, even though she was born to two Caucasian parents. She claimed to be black when she applied to — and oversaw — the Spokane, Washington chapter of the NAACP, from which she resigned on Monday.

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Here’s the problem: Just a few years ago, Rachel stated she was white… in court documents.

Back when she was getting her masters at Howard University, Dolezal — who at the time went by her married name Rachel Moore — sued the historically black university and the chairman of the art department.

The Smoking Gun dug up the 2002 case. In it, Dolezal claimed she was denied scholarship aid and a teaching assistant position because she was white. That’s right, white.

Here’s where it gets even more ridiculous. Dolezal also claimed some of her artwork was removed from an exhibition in favor of black students’ work.

A judge dismissed the suit. Dolezal appealed, but the court supported the judge’s initial decision. She was ordered to pay the university nearly $4,000 in fees related to the case.

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Fast forward 13 years. Dolezal says she is “transracial.” We’re not sure how to definite that, but if it means switching your race for personal or professional gain — as she has done at least twice now — there’s another term for it: lying.

What do U think about this mess?!

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Jun 15, 2015 8:57pm PST

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