Josh Duggar Breaks His Silence On Twitter! What Did The Scandalized Reality Star Come Out Of Hiding To Say?!

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Its been a while since Josh Duggar broke his silence.

On May 21, the reality star tweeted out his last message, a personal statement regarding the news that he molested his own sisters as a teenager. Ever since that final share, Josh has been radio SILENT despite his other family members speaking out to Fox News.

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Now, almost a month later, the 19 Kids & Counting star tweeted the following message and it’s not what you’d might expect.

Check out the tweet (below)!

While it’s nice to see Duggar celebrating the birthday of his son, we wonder why this couldn’t have been done privately. It’s not like Michael has a Twitter account of his own and can read the reply messages!

What’s also interesting about this is you can see the foyer of the Duggar household in the background — we guess Josh and his brood are shacking up in the Arkansas compound after leaving Washington, D.C., earlier this month!

We have a feeling this isn’t the last we’ll hear from Mr. Duggar… it’s damage control time!!

[Image via Instagram.]

Jun 16, 2015 12:48pm PDT

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