Montel Williams GOES OFF On Rachel Dolezal In A Lengthy Post! Read His Strong Words!

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No other celebrity has been as outspoken about Rachel Dolezal as Montel Williams.

The former talk show host has been tweeting about the ex-NAACP Chapter President ever since questions about her racial identity were raised last week.

On Monday, he was one of the first to call out her previous lawsuit against Howard University, saying she was discriminated against for being white.

Obviously, the fact that Rachel went on Today the next morning — where she said she identifies as black — did not sit well with Montel.

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In a lengthy Facebook post, Montel specifically addressed the differences between Caitlyn Jenner and Rachel Dolezal, namely, Caitlyn has always been truthful, whereas Rachel perpetuates lies. Read his choice quotes (below):

On Caitlyn and Rachel’s differences:

“Jenner has undergone a difficult if not impossible to reverse physical transformation to live her true gender – Dolezal, with some makeup remover and hair relaxer could, in short order, be Caucasian.”

On Rachel’s changing race:

“When it suited her, she sued as a white woman – when it suited her otherwise she assumed the identity of a black woman. When she was called on it, she tried to use as many big words as possible to obfuscate it.”

On Rachel’s biological parents, Larry and Ruthanne:

“I also wonder about her parents, who, have seemingly appeared in every media outlet known to human kind. I respect their need to be honest. I wonder at what point this became about running up the score.”

On Rachel’s use of the term “transracial”:

“This isn’t trans-race as much as its sans-honesty.”

Kinda makes us wish Montel still had his talk show! Do you agree with his statements?

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Jun 16, 2015 3:48pm PDT

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