Chris Pratt & Jennifer Lawrence’s Sci-Fi Romance Movie Is Really Happening! But Which Star Is Getting The Bigger Paycheck??

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Remember when we told you Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence were in talks to get romantical in a new sci-fi movie??

Well the dream couple is a reality now!

Science fiction has become science fact as the record-breaking success of Jurassic World has gotten the sci-fi romance film Passengers a green light!

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It’s like the Internet’s boyfriend and girlfriend are going to hook up right in front of our eyes! In SPACE!!!

Innerestingly — in case you were curious who Sony thinks is the bigger star — J.Law will actually be making MORE money than Chris on this one!

Out of a budget of $120 million, Jennifer is reportedly getting $20 mil while Chris is getting just $12 mil.

Guess no one is going to try to pull an American Hustle on her again!

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Passengers is a futuristic tale of two cryogenically frozen people aboard a spacecraft written by Jon Spaihts, who wrote that infamously better early draft of Prometheus. The screenplay has been bouncing around Hollywood since landing on 2007’s Black List.

Sony has signed The Imitation Game‘s Morten Tyldum to direct the big budget love story.

Are YOU ready to see Chris and J.Law knock anti-gravity boots?

[Image via Brian To/Nicky Nelson/WENN.]

Jun 17, 2015 1:10pm PDT

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