Is Nutella Causing Deforestation? Find Out Why A French Minister Is Urging People To Stop Eating The Chocolate Hazelnut Goodness!

Is Nutella bad for the environment???

Whether it’s taking shorter showers or using energy efficient light bulbs, people are usually willing to make small changes to help save the environment!

But France’s ecology minister might be asking a bit too much of humankind as she’s urging people to STOP buying Nutella!

That’s right! In a recent interview on Monday, S├â┬⌐gol├â┬¿ne Royal claimed that people should avoid buying their favorite chocolate hazelnut spread because it contains the ingredient palm oil.

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If you’re wondering why that’s such a big deal, it’s because trees are now being replaced with oil palms to create more Nutella, which is contributing to deforestation in certain areas.

Ferrero, the company that creates Nutella, did NOT take long to respond to these claims as they released a statement on Tuesday saying they make sure they get their palm oil in a responsible manner, whatever that means!

This isn’t the first time France has waged war against palm oil, as two-and-a-half years ago French Senators tried to place 300% tax on the ingredient claiming it was unhealthy and it’s cultivation was harmful to the environment!

However, hope isn’t completely lost as S├â┬⌐gol├â┬¿ne suggested it would be possible for Ferrero to continue creating its signature spread with different ingredients! But we can’t help but ask, would it really be the same???

Look, we love Nutella as much as the next person! But if palm oil is really that bad, this might be a conversation worth having!

Jun 17, 2015 5:47pm PDT

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