Rachel Dolezal Continues To Puzzle With Her Hypocritical Ways In An Interview That Surfaced From 2014 — Watch HERE!

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The plot thickens…

Rachel Dolezal seems to continue to have her past brought back to haunt her.

Back in 2014, Rachel sat down for an on-camera interview for a student who was doing their senior thesis. The video has been posted in 5 parts on Lauren Campbell‘s YouTube account and just further shows how hypocritical and unclear Dolezal is with her statements.

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In part two of this five-part interview (below) Rachel brings up the “peach crayon” that she also brought up during her recent Today show interview, and talks quite a bit about her past in college and identifying through art.

She remembers when she first went off to college:

“The first day in the cafeteria, in undergrad, there was one black table and all the rest were white tables cause there’s a very small population of black students. And so I remember like, with my tray, it’s kind of like peach crayon — and I went and sat at the black table because you know, it looked more like my family.”

We’re particularly curious about who she viewed as her “family” back in college. But she went on to say of painting in college:

“Even in my art then, all my faces and figures are black. Other than my brother, I didn’t have anyone else, model-wise that was mixed — it was just solid black faces and figures. And I remember students being like, ‘why don’t you draw white people, like why don’t you care about the plight of the Irish’…’if you really cared about struggle and liberation, you’d include the holocaust’ and I was like — that’s already being done I don’t need to add to a repertoire that’s pretty full and also, I don’t want to do that, like black is beautiful and this is what i see and this is what I want to celebrate.”

But her ultimately hypocrisy comes in part 3:

“[Having a black friend, partner or part-black kid is] not evidence that you have evaluated your ideas about black people as a group. That just means you have a friend, and child, or a partner or whatever. That doesn’t mean that you understand or identify with the struggle or the liberation of that community.”

If this isn’t the pot calling the kettle black (pardon the pun), we don’t know what is! Just because her adopted siblings and her ex-husband are black doesn’t mean Rachel should identify with the black community, to the point where she considers herself black.

Trust us, there’s PLENTY more where that came from! Ch-ch-check out part 2 of the interview (below)!

[Image via Lauren Campbell/YouTube.]

Jun 17, 2015 2:43pm PDT

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