Our Dream List Of Who Should Replace Brandi Glanville On The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills! Who Do YOU Think Should Join The Cast?!

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We’re overwhelmed by all of these possibilities!

As soon as it was announced the Brandi Glanville WON’T return to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we begun brainstorming possible replacements. While LeAnn Rimes would be a very interesting choice, we don’t think Andy Cohen would stoop that low.

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So, we came up with a really fun list of potential new cast mates and we’re very interested about what YOU think! Make sure to tell us who you’d replace Brandi with in the comments!

1.Lance Bass

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While Lance isn’t technically a “wife”, he’s VERY close to cast mate Lisa Vanderpump. Not to mention he’s married, young, and all around fabulous!! We bet his reactions to the drama would be priceless! Can’t you see the former boy bander dishing it out? Please hold on your space travel dreams, Lance!

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2.Shannon Tweed
While Shannon is mainly known as Gene Simmons wife, this momma has a lot more to offer! Shannon is vivacious, gorgeous, and hilarious. On Simmons Family Jewels the model shone as the patient yet super fun partner to Gene. And let’s be honest…anyone who can put up with Gene’s antics deserves to be a housewife! Plus, she’s an AWESOME momma!

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3.Caitlyn Jenner
We KNOW there’s a fierce personality just waiting to be unleashed in Caitlyn– who wouldn’t want to see her let loose in Beverly Hills? While Cait is busy with her new docu-series, we bet she’d love to get some make-up and fashion advice from the other lovely ladies. Who knows, maybe Jenner would even throw a glass of wine or two! The times are changin’ after all…

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4.Chrissy Teigen
So, Chrissy is like the ultimate housewife. Not only is she an AMAZING chef, but she dotes on John Legend like there’s no tomorrow. What makes Teigen stand out as a potential cast member is her background as a model and host. We do NOT need another proclaimed entrepreneur hawking her skin care/make-up/handbag/whatever line! Oh, and she’s a HUGE housewives fan!

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5.Tamar Braxton
DRAMA. There’s always room for more drama…and we believe Tamar has PLENTY of that. From the family strife to the back and forth in her own love life, we could totally see Braxton generating A LOT of plot lines. The franchise is also in desperate need of some diversity!

So, who do YOU think should join the cast?!

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Jun 18, 2015 7:31pm PDT

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