Courtney’s Showing No Love For Kurt Cobain Documentary Soaked In Bleach — Sends Cease & Desist Letter To Theaters! Read The Producers’ Reactions HERE!

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She’s at it again!

Courtney Love isn’t too happy about the documentary Soaked in Bleach, a new documentary that focuses on the circumstances around her husband Kurt Cobain‘s death.

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Before the movie came out, Love had her lawyers send out a cease and desist letter to the theaters that were going to show the documentary.

She probably wasn’t too happy about the film because the movie not only looks at the Cobain death, which was ruled a suicide but suggests it might have been a homicide and investigates Love’s involvement in the death.

The cease and desist states:

“The Film falsely presents a widely and repeatedly debunked conspiracy theory that accuses Ms. Cobain of orchestrating the death of her husband Kurt Cobain. Any accusation that our client was responsible in any way for Mr. Cobain’s death thus cannot have any credibility. Any alleged factual representation to the contrary would be knowingly false, and hence intentionally and maliciously defamatory.”

The legal document makes the argument that the film could result in emotional trauma for Love and her daughter with Kurt, Frances Bean Cobain. It also brings up the idea that there could potentially be a loss of business opportunities due to the film perpetuating the rumors of Kurt’s death being a homicide and possibly having Love be involved.

In response to this, the producers released a statement to Deadline that:

“We were disturbed to learn that Courtney Love’s lawyers sent threatening letters to movie theaters all over the country. Most arrived before Soaked in Bleach was released last week, presumably before she or her lawyers ever saw it. She obviously hoped to scare theater owners into dropping the film. Thankfully, very few were intimidated. Most saw the letter for what it is ├óΓé¼ΓÇ£ a cowardly attack on the rights of free speech, free expression and free choice. Courtney Love and her lawyers clearly don’t like that the film presents a compelling case for re-opening the investigation into Kurt’s death. They should respect the First Amendment and let people decide for themselves.”

Though both sides bring up some valid points, we really don’t think the film would really damage Love’s reputation. And if she believes it would cause emotional distress — well just don’t watch it!

What do you think? Is Courtney off her rocker and being ridiculous, or does she make a valid point?

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Jun 18, 2015 6:00pm PDT

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