Donald Trump Allows A Woman To Pet His Hair At A Campaign Stop To Prove It’s Real! Will This Be A Running Gag For The Rest Of His Campaign?!

donald trump hair steals the spotlight

Donald Trump is the gift that just keeps giving!

The Apprentice star made his first campaign stop — but it seems his hair totally upstaged him.

On Wednesday the billionaire visited New Hampshire and took many questions some of which were about his famous coif. LOLz!

Apparently, the voting public is very concerned whether or not his hair is real. It seems that Fox anchor Greta Van Susteren is just as baffled as we are by the interaction.

She stated:

“This is an extraordinarily different kind of campaign. This is the first hair touching I’ve heard of [in a presidential campaign].”├óΓé¼ΓÇ╣

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HA! Well said, Greta! Fox even took to Twitter to share the anchor’s baffled expression!

Trump’s hair has been a running theme in his speeches since he announced his Presidential bid on Tuesday.

He explained:

“I really am very smart and I’m very good at business and I can make this country so rich. Maybe people don’t like my style. Maybe they don’t like my hair, which is real, by the way.”

Noted, Donald.

He even poked fun at Marco Rubio‘s thinning hair!

He quipped:

“I think he’s a highly overrated person. And by the way, I have better hair than he does. Believe me. It is my hair.”

Geez, whatever happened to a clean campaign?!

Well, hopefully the real estate mogul can learn a few new publicity tricks soon.

If not, let us know when we can pet the golden mane!!

[Image via WENN.]

Jun 18, 2015 9:16am PDT

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