KFC Is Fed Up With The Fried Rat Story! See Their Evidence That It’s A ‘Hoax’ HERE!

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Devorise Dixon‘s story of finding a rodent in his three piece chicken tender meal became a national sensation.

But KFC smells a rat!

After a couple days of trying to reach Devorise to investigate his claim that he bit into a fried rat at one of their restaurants, they have decided to stop playing nice!

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No, the Colonel isn’t going to lead a regiment to his doorstep, but they are calling his claims a “hoax” — and they think they have the evidence to back that up!

They said in a statement:

“A customer has made a serious claim against KFC and refuses to cooperate in the investigation.

The images the customer originally posted do not include this second angle [see above right] because it clearly shows it’s a piece of hand-breaded white meat chicken. Based on this, and the fact that he refuses to allow anyone to see the product, we are left to believe that he intended to deceive the public with this hoax and we are considering all options.”

Sounds like they’ve come to the same conclusion we did.

But when they said they’re considering “all options” do they mean lawsuit??

A fraudulent claim about their restaurant could be considered libelous. And it certainly hurt business for a few days!

Sounds like Devorise may have bitten of more than he can chew!


[Image via Devorise Dixon/Facebook.]

Jun 18, 2015 10:18am PDT

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