Brian Williams Will Be Getting A Paycut With His Demotion To MSNBC! But He’s Still Making More Than You!

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Brian Williams has apologized for his previous on-air lying habits, which have resulted in a demotion to a breaking news role at MSNBC.

The cable network has about 10 percent the audience of his previous job at Nightly News. With this demotion to a role with less viewership, it’s been reported that the 56-year-old will also receive a pay cut!

Insiders say the anchor will be making “between $8 and $10 million” — and that he was making closer to $15 million for his Nightly News job previously!

Williams will anchor breaking news during the day for the cable news network, in hopes of giving MSNBC’s ratings a boost. He will also be featured as a breaking news anchor for NBC News live special reports.

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According to reports, NBCU chairman Steven Burke was said to have been furious at Williams and originally wanted him fired! But after he cooled off, both parties agreed that Williams moving to MSNBC would save face for the company and prevent any litigious actions.

As far as NBC’s internal investigative reports about Williams’ reporting, the following vague statement concluded that the network:

“Found that Williams made a number of inaccurate statements about his own role and experiences covering events in the field. [Williams’ lies] did not for the most part occur on NBC News platforms or in the immediate aftermath of the news events, but rather on late-night programs and during public appearances, usually years after the news events in question.”

It sounds like both the network and Williams just want to put this controversy behind them and move on!

Do you think the anchor got off too easy?

[Image via NBC.]

Jun 19, 2015 11:24am PDT

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