Taylor Swift Is SO Grateful! The Singer Is Now Writing Personal Notes For Attendees Of Her 1989 Meet-And-Greets!!

Tay out and about.

Seriously, where does this girl find the time to be so fabulous?!

In this edition of Taylor Swift is awesome, we learned that the singer is now writing personal notes to radio hosts who attend her meet and greets. At each meet and greet, the hosts get to chat and hang out with Tay in her catered backstage party room — complete with a candy bar!

While that might seem amazing in itself, Swift has gone out of her way to thank the hosts, like Mojo in the Morning‘s Spike, for their support.

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Spike recalled the experience:

“I’m not lying when I say that Taylor makes every single person special! Taylor chatted with my daughter Natalie about her Hunger Games T-shirt and then my younger daughter, Nicole, asked how Taylor writes songs because Nicole is taking guitar lessons. Taylor was very enthusiastic about giving advice and then actually wrote out some specific guitar chords for my daughter to try using when coming up with songs.”

Sounds like a dream come true! Check out the note Swifty sent Spike after that special night (below)!

Tay out and about.

So sweet! Oh, and we’re loving that doodle, Taylor!

Another radio host added:

“The card shows that she was brought up really, really well. There are artists far less popular than she that have never sent me a thank you note. Most artists will get to certain level of success and stop doing the backstage/meet-and-greet thing. The fact that she continues to great fans backstage plus sends out thank you cards? I think a lot of young artists can learn from her.”

We agree! Just because you’ve reached a crazy level of fame doesn’t mean you can’t take the time to appreciate your fans!

Check out some other times the 25-year-old showed love to her fans (below)!

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So, what’s the best memento YOU’VE received from your favorite artist?

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