Man Arrested After Filming His Naked Run Through A Walmart In Kentucky! Check Out The Masked Madness HERE!

Two men are being charged after streaking naked through Walmart!


Shoppers at a Walmart in South Williamson, Kentucky were treated to quite the show last week when a streaker wearing nothing but shoes and a Halloween mask poured milk all over himself and went running through the store!

The video was posted to YouTube briefly, butt because it shows nudity, the site quickly removed it and took the glory away from the masked man.

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Rodney Scott, the Sheriff of Pike County, immediately issued arrest warrants for both the streaker and the cameraman! Scott told reporters:

“Well the first question I would have is why? Why would he want to do that? They can go to jail and they will go to jail.”

Scott said he was worried the town could develop a streaking problem if they didn’t act quickly:

“If we don’t, then it could be happening all the time. So that’s why it’s important to go ahead and make these arrests.”

All the time?!

In that case, it’s a good thing Sheriff Scott found the guys — David Daniels and Timothy Smith were both arrested Saturday and charged with three crimes, including indecent exposure. Good to know those guys are off the streets!!!

Cops are still looking for the getaway driver.

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Ch-ch-check out censored clips of the deleted video (below)!

[Image via WKYT.]

Jun 22, 2015 10:23am PDT

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