One-Legged Man Gets Hit By Train While Trying To Save His Dog From The Tracks

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This is the saddest thing you’ll read all day. Possibly all year.

A California man named Jim Boswell was struck and killed by a train while trying to save his dog from the tracks on Friday night.

Boswell — who had one leg — was in his wheelchair, trying to get his dog after it slipped away while he was returning home from a trip to the grocery store.

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The dog was also killed by the train.

Neighbor and witness Ron Edwards spoke to reporters, saying:

“The sound of those brakes. It’s an eerie sound, you know, where you’re just really getting down on the brakes. Oh it was sad, of course. Plus he’s got his little dog with him and everything.”

Rachel Sewell, an employee at the store where Boswell had just bought groceries, remembered their regular customer:

“He had just come in. We had literally just helped him less than five minutes before it happened. This whole town is praying for you guys. We’re all really, we’re all distraught.”

Here’s more on Boswell’s story (below):

Neighbors described Boswell as very independent — he also had a prosthetic leg that he used, though he was in his wheelchair on Friday — and as a man who never asked for help, and cherished his dog.

Pets are such important parts of so many of our lives, and we’d do anything for them — this is an unimaginable tragedy.

Our thoughts are with his family, friends, and loved ones.

[Image via CBS Sacramento.]

Jun 22, 2015 6:55pm PDT

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