Move Over Clark Kent! 5 Seconds Of Summer’s Michael Clifford Has A Cooler Alter Ego! Say Hello To Huge Balls Man!

Michael Clifford from 5SOS says he has really big balls!

We can explain.

Or rather, Michael Clifford can explain. The 5 Seconds of Summer guitarist revealed in an interview with the Shazam Top 20 that he actually has a superpower!

But before you think of the classics like strength or speed or laser vision, let us warn you that it’s not your typical superhuman characteristic.

When he was asked if catching fire onstage caused any superhero senses to start tingling, the 19-year-old admitted that he’s had his power long before the scary incident.

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What was it, you ask?

“It was the ability to have the largest balls on the planet. Now the fire has increased it. It happened instantly. My pants split on stage and I had to run off.”

Well, that’s not exactly the kind of abnormal advantage we read about in the comics.

In fact, it’s more like something taken straight from an episode of South Park — you know, the one where all the men in town use their testicles for transporation like hippy-hops?

But, we digress.

We’re just glad the musician wasn’t seriously injured in the pyrotechnic mishap. And hey, if he was, ummm, enhanced by the whole ordeal, even better, right?

Jun 23, 2015 7:40pm PDT

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