Rose McGowan Calls Out Adam Sandler After She’s Told To ‘Show Off Cleavage’ In Audition!

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Rose McGowan shared some insight into what casting directors look for when auditioning actresses — and it’s not always their acting!

Last week, the 41-year-old shared a casting note that came with a script for a movie she was auditioning for.

The memo included a wardrobe note that told the actress to wear clothes that “shows off cleavage,” and actually said, “push-up bras encouraged!”

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The Charmed actress didn’t hold back putting the potential project on blast, including its male lead! She shared on Twitter:

Rose may be laughing it off, but wow that seems pretty darn sexist to us!

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And great rhyming skills aside, it’s pretty clear she’s talking about Adam Sandler!

Eesh! The Hotel Transylvania 2 star has really had his share of controversy lately!

In April, Native American actors walked off the set of the 48-year-old’s Netflix comedy Ridiculous 6 because of racist wardrobe and sexist jokes!

As for Rose, she was even more offended by something else in the note than the “cleavage” line — being talked down to! She wrote:

Sandler has yet to respond to McGowan’s tweets, but we’re sure after all this the actress won’t have the glory of playing Sandler’s next smoking hot movie wife.

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Jun 23, 2015 10:19am PDT

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