Taylor Swift Is Singing A Different Tune When It Comes To Having Kids — See Her Updated 10 Year Plan HERE!

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Hmm, we wonder if a certain cutie by the name of Calvin Harris has anything to do with Taylor Swift changing her mind on having children.

Tay Tay did tell InStyle she wasn’t quite sure about having kids back in 2014 — it was seriously only half a year ago she made that statement, so, what changed?!

Well, sadly, the 25-year-old did not reveal what altered her thoughts about having a little Taylor, but the singer did admit to ITV News she hopes to have a family within the next 10 years!

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But obviously having a fam in the spotlight comes with the decision of whether or not to raise said brood with the whole world watching — and that’s where Taylor’s admiration for Angelina Jolie comes in.

The mother of six certainly knows how to raise a huge family away from the limelight, but that’s not the only reason why Tay adores Angie!

She said she admires the 40-year-old’s ability to live:

“…her life not just for the purpose of making money or coming up with the most lucrative business deals.”

We have a feeling this Swifty is talking about Angelina’s ability to also find time to give back to the world and be a humanitarian.

Taylor, when you decide to have a family and want to start doing things other than song writing, singing, performing, and other things in the music business, we’re sure Angie would make time to have a sit down with you for a chat about balancing motherhood and work!

We just know it!

Jun 23, 2015 11:17am PDT

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