Green Lantern Reboot To Diversify & Focus On Multiple Heroes — Including Chris Pine After All?? See All The Super Rumors HERE!

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After the 2011 disaster that was Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern, Warner Brothers and DC won’t be ready to give us a new solo Green Lantern movie until 2020.

But even that far out there are new rumors popping up about some of the details, the first being that there will be more than one ring-bearing hero in the reboot!

And one of them will be John Stewart, who fans know from the excellent Justice League cartoons!

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In the comics there are hundreds of Green Lanterns across the universe, a sort of intergalactic space police force.

Not only would multiple Green Lanterns make for a unique buddy cop dynamic, but also allow for even more superhero diversity!

But the news doesn’t stop there! There’s also a rumor floating around, that Chris Pine might be playing Hal Jordan!

It’s been previously reported that he’s been cast in Wonder Woman as Steve Trevor — the superheroine’s love interest — but this new rumor implies THAT was just a ruse on the part of Warner Bros!

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Now this is quite the rumor and we’re not ready to believe it yet, but it could be a JJ Abrams-esque stealth move being made in order to make a HUGE announcement at Comic-Con in a couple weeks!

This would make a lot of sense since Marvel has pulled out of Comic-Con this year which has set the stage for Warner Brothers to have their way with the fan-boy hype train for the DC cinematic universe!

We can only cross out fingers that this could happen as we’ve thought Pine is the perfect fit for Hal since bursting into mainstream Hollywood in 2009! And what could make that cooler than pairing up with another one of our favorite Lanterns, John Stewart!

[Image via Bridow/WENN/DC]

Jun 24, 2015 4:25pm PDT

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