Everyone Is Going SO Crazy Over Baseball Player’s Amazing Catch They Didn’t Even Notice He Kicked This Poor Kid In The Face!

Who says baseball isn't exciting???

Everyone knows when you go to a sporting event that you want to get a seat that gets you as close to the action as possible!

However, this is one of those times where a fan got a little TOO close to the action!

In todays matchup between the Toronto Blue Jays and Tampa Bay Rays, third baseman Josh Donaldson made an AMAZING diving catch in the stands that will surely be played nonstop on ESPN tonight!

But while everyone was busy focusing on Josh putting HIS body on the line, nobody seems to notice the poor little boy getting kicked in the head!!

Look closer (below)!

Who says baseball isn't exciting???

See that little guy right there? Yeah, bet ya didn’t notice him the first time around!

Who says baseball isn't exciting???

Here he is again taking a full-grown MLB player’s knee to the face like a champ!

Who says baseball isn't exciting???

On the bright side, it looks like that kid is wearing a Blue Jays cap! So at least he got to get close to a player he likes, right???

Who says baseball isn't exciting???

Seriously tho, we hope someone got that kids a souvenir! Or at least a free hot dog or something!!

[Image via MLB.]

Jun 24, 2015 5:40pm PDT

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