Kim Kardashian Tweet Shames A Naked Drunk Woman Trying To Get Into Her Hotel Room — And It’s The Funniest Thing EVER!

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Kim Kardashian West has no shame when it comes to documenting real life with her social media accounts.

While there are some things she keeps private, other incidents she’s less inclined to stay quite about — like this drunk woman keeping her up all night.

The reality star was SO amused by a lady’s drunken mistake, she started giving Twitter a play-by-play of everything that happened early Wednesday morning in Cannes.

[ Photo: Celebs who Are TMI On Twitter ]

She started writing:

Slob kabob!!

What an adorable choice of words! Adding that to our dictionary of colorful insults. LOLz!

Poor woman, we hope she got back to her CORRECT room safely.

Drunken #goals though, who wouldn’t want to stumble across a room that belongs to a celeb, thinking it was theirs?

[Image via Pacific Coast News.]

Jun 24, 2015 10:56am PDT

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