EXCLUSIVE! Former Playboy Model Josie Goldberg Speaks Out Against Holly Madison’s ‘Lies’! Decide If You Believe Josie’s Story HERE!

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Kendra Wikinson isn’t the only one calling Holly Madison out!

In an EXCLUSIVE interview, former Playboy model Josie Goldberg spoke out against Holly for her alleged defamation of Hugh Hefner. According to Josie, Hugh is one of the “nicest and most fair men in Hollywood”.

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Wow, that’s a big compliment for a man who has been accused of emotional abuse and more! Regardless, we bet the mogul appreciates all the support he can get right now!

Read Josie’s full account of her time with Ms. Madison (below)! and tell us your reaction in the comments!!

“I have been reading everything that is going on with what Holly is writing about Hef and Playboy which is so false. Hef is one of the nicest most fairest men in hollywood. In 2007, I walked into an audition and Holly flat out rejected me. I was told that the editor liked me but Holly did not like me because she said I resembled Anna Nicole Smith and Hef loved Anna. I called Mary (Hef’s former secretary) and I told her that the editor liked me but Holly was blocking me. I asked Hef to overrule Holly and he sure did. When I shot my pictorial Holly was banned from the studio and Hef and Playboy treated me with the best photography and professionalism. I never heard of this sex business with Hef or anyone else at Playboy. In addition I was told that Holly put my pictures up at playboy and said I was crazy and stalking Hef. I was young and sensitive and it really hurt my feelings. In the end Hef gave me what I wanted, but I do believe in what Kendra said about Holly trying to take a piece of playboy. Holly should thank her lucky stars that Hef allowed her to be his main squeeze for 7 years. He put many of us on the map and it’s unfair for her to make up all these lies.”

These are some crazy allegations! Whether or not this account is accurate, it’s clear Goldberg is very defensive of Hef and it has to be for a good reason. We’re just glad that the model had a safe and positive experience.

So, do YOU believe JG’s story?

P.S. You can check out Josie’s website HERE.

[Image via Spoiled and Entitled/WENN.]

Jun 24, 2015 2:43pm PDT

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