Rose McGowan Says Her Sexism Tweet Wasn’t Meant To Shade Adam Sandler — Then Totally Shades Adam Sandler!

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Rose McGowan has no problem calling out sexism in Hollywood!

Last week, the actress shared script notes for an upcoming audition that told the actress to wear clothes that “show off cleavage (push-up bras encouraged).”

The 41-year-old shared the wardrobe note on her Twitter, revealing that the name of the male star rhymed with “Madam Panhandler” (aka Adam Sandler)!

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Opening up about the offensive script notes, the Charmed star explained:

“It was just so dumb. I was offended by the stupidity more than anything. I was offended by the fact that went through so many people’s hands and nobody red flagged it. This is normal to so many people. It was probably even a girl that had to type it up. It’s institutionally OK.”

McGowan went on to explain that the tweet wasn’t meant to criticize Sandler specifically, saying:

“I’m not trying to vilify Adam Sandler. Although someone did tell me that when he did his Netflix deal, he said, ‘I signed with Netflix because it rhymes with Wet Chicks.’ I mean, what? What in the f**k is going on? No!”

Well, that sounds like a pretty direct criticism of Adam Sandler, Rosie! Though she is right — the 48-year-old was quoted last October saying “Netflix rhymes with wet chicks.”

While McGowan doesn’t seem to care if she ends up getting this particular role, the actress has been experiencing sexism in Hollywood for decades. She recalls:

“When I did my first film, I was told by my agent that I would need to have long hair so men in this town would want to f**k me and hire me. That was said to a 17-year-old.”

Regardless of whether or not the actress intentionally threw shade at Sandler, she definitely shed some light on how sexism in Hollywood is still prevalent!

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Jun 24, 2015 11:59am PDT

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