Donald Trump Fires Back At ‘Hypocrite’ Neil Young! Are These Pics Evidence Neil Actually IS A Trump Fan?!

donald trump neil young twitter song feud

When the dust settled after Donald Trump made his presidential campaign announcement, many were up in arms.

But no one was as angry as Neil Young, who came forward and claimed that his song Rockin In The Free World was used illegally!

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Of course with Trump being — well…Trump — he wasn’t going to let someone else accuse him of ANYTHING or let someone else have the last word.

So what did good ol’ Donald do? He took to Twitter of course, to let everyone know his opinion the “truth.”

He tweeted out the following series (below) in his own defense:

Ordinarily we’d think The Donald’s charges against Neil were Trumped up! But there they are, shaking hands!

Doesn’t look good for the man who claims to be a Trump hater!

BTW, speaking of not looking good, Donald, you have GOT to get up off Twitter! If you’re going to be a serious Presidential candidate, you can’t be responding to criticism the same way Iggy Azalea does! LOLz!

[Image via Donald Trump/Twitter.]

Jun 25, 2015 11:21am PDT

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