Man Arrested In Connection To The Two Escaped Prison Convicts! What Did He Smuggle Between Those Buns?! Details HERE!

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No, not THOSE buns!

Gene Palmer, the corrections officer who allegedly smuggled two hacksaw blades — via hamburger meat — to escaped convicted murderers Richard Matt and David Sweat was arrested on Wednesday!

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Palmer, who worked at the Clinton Correctional Facility in upstate New York, was taken in and charged with promoting prison contraband, as well as two counts of tampering with evidence and one of misconduct.

So what exactly did he do? Well, it’s alleged he unknowingly helped Joyce Mitchell — the prison worker who had reported sexual relations with the inmates and even fell in love with one of them — by bringing hamburgers with the tools inside them to the prison workers.

That’s right, he’s basically just an accomplice to the Hamburglar.

Apparently, after Mitchell was brought in for questioning, she told investigators how she had aided the men and what Palmer’s role was in the escape as well.

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She said that she took hacksaw blades, a screwdriver bit, and other tools and put them inside hamburger meat and would place them in a freezer, where Palmer would then collect them and distribute the burgers to Sweat and Matt.

According to Clinton County District Attorney Andrew Wylie, Palmer claims he didn’t know the tools were inside. Regardless though, bringing inmates food is considered contraband.

Palmer hasn’t entered into a plea yet but his attorney Andrew Brockway did say:

“The only mistake he made was trusting Joyce Mitchell.”

Unfortunately, both Sweat and Matt remain at large. But at least we caught the the guy who had no idea he was helping them escape by bringing the men hamburgers.

[Image via New York State Police.]

Jun 25, 2015 7:32am PDT

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