President Obama’s Heckler Says Her Outburst Was ‘Unplanned’ — Find Out Who She Is And Why She Was Protesting HERE!

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Hmm, very inneresting.

ICYMI: President Barack Obama shut down a heckler at Wednesday night’s LGBT Pride Month celebration at the White House.

The heckler was a transgender woman and undocumented immigrant named Jennicet Gutiérrez. Whoa!

Miz Guti├â┬⌐rrez is a member of the Not One More Campaign which opposes the administration’s deportation policies and was at the event as the guest of a friend who had a spare ticket.

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While there, the Los Angeles resident felt the need to promote her cause and call for an end to the deportation of LGBT immigrants.

Unfortunately, she did it by shouting out DURING Obama’s speech, resulting in major shade from both the President and the crowd.

She shared:

“[Obama] came out, started speaking and started to get into his speech on how wonderful everything is. And I couldn’t help but think about the conditions that my LGBTQ Latino/Latina, especially trans women of color, are facing in detention.

So, to me, that was the moment I had to speak up. I had to raise awareness to the President and to everyone else watching that I’m not just going to celebrate, when my trans sisters are facing a lot of violence in the detention centers. [Trans women are facing] sexual and physical abuse, and I just had to send a message.”

How sad.

Though we feel for the passionate activist — that moment was NOT the best time to speak up. Interrupting is always rude, but especially when it’s your host speaking.

And, you know, the leader of the free world.

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Nonetheless, the vocal guest was disappointed that her fellow attendees didn’t support her. She explained:

“I’m just very disappointed with the way it was handled. I’m part of the LGBT community, and they didn’t back me, instead they were booing, which to me was like a slap in the face to all these people in detention centers.”

We’re guessing ALL of the LGBT guests had strong causes they believed in. Not all of them shouted out rudely.

Plus to be fair, it was kind of hard to hear what she was saying clearly. Maybe next time schedule a meeting?

What do you think?! Was President Obama’s response justified?

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[Image via Bauer Griffin Online/Twitter/Jennicet Gutiérrez.]

Jun 25, 2015 11:39am PST

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