Was Taylor Swift’s Open Letter To Apple All For Publicity???

Twitter thinks Taylor Swift's open letter to Apple was all for show!

Taylor Swift swiftly showed she can control pretty much everything.

Over the weekend, she wrote an open letter to Apple, criticizing them for refusing to pay artists to stream their music during the app’s free three-month trial period.

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But the very next day it seems Swifty emerged victorious, when Apple announced it would, in fact, compensate musicians during that time.

And then, finally, on Thursday, T-Swizzle announced she will be streaming 1989 with the tech titan after all!

But, Twitter users are saying all the drama was resolved too quickly and too perfectly, prompting many to believe that the whole thing was just for some positive PR!

Ch-ch-check out what people are saying (below)!

But, just how is the pop diva reacting to this conspiracy theory? When she announced she’d be adding her album to Apple Music, she also explained:

However, some members of the Twitterverse don’t even think THAT statement is all it appears to be, either!

What do U guys think? Is Swifty being shifty? Or was her letter legit? SOUND OFF in the comments!

Jun 25, 2015 7:30pm PDT

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