Has Whole Foods Been Ripping You Off All Along?! See Why The Grocery Chain Is Being Investigated HERE!

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Be careful where you shop!

Whole Foods is known to many people as a higher end grocery store. They quite often have alternative and sometimes healthier food options, which justifies the price being a bit inflated.

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But a new investigation into the New York locations of the grocery chain has found the “higher end” food might not be the only reason that prices are sky high!

The New York City Department of Consumer Affairs has opened up a probe into the ever-growing list of pricing violations by Whole Foods dating back to 2010! Most of these complaints are related to mislabeling pre-packaged food with incorrect weights.

An agency spokesperson said that investigators looked into 80 different items at various locations and every single one of the labels were incorrect!

In one instance, there was an item that was marked up $4.85 more than it was supposed to be!!

Commissioner Julie Menin said:

“Our inspectors tell me this is the worst case of mislabeling they have seen in their careers. As a large chain grocery store, Whole Foods has the money and resources to ensure greater accuracy and to correct what appears to be a widespread problem├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥the city’s shoppers deserve to be correctly charged.”

Due to these findings, Whole Foods has been slapped with over 800 violations. In response to this, a representative of the company has denied the charges and said that the grocery story is “vigorously defending ourselves.”

Unfortunately for the company though, it’s hard to write these allegations off — because they’ve previously had similar violations in both Santa Monica and Los Angeles!

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We’re all for healthier options and we’re even willing to pay extra for it, but not when you’re asking an arm and a leg! If these allegations are true, Whole Foods needs to fix their ways!

What do you think? Does this deter you from stopping and shopping at your local Whole Foods?

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Jun 25, 2015 1:08pm PDT

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