Texas Food Truck Owner Gets Hate & Death Threats Over Controversial Confederate Flag Policy!

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This sounds like a great cause!

The Confederate flag has become somewhat of a hot topic once again after the tragic events in Charleston.

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is even calling for the flag to stop flying over the state’s capital — and she’s not the only one sick of the symbol!

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Rob Jenkins, a business owner of the food truck Po’Boys and Rich Chics in Odessa, Texas, also feels that confederate flags are sending the wrong message!

That’s why he started an exchange program at his business where anyone can trade in any Confederate paraphernalia for a free chicken or beef po’boy. What he didn’t expect was all the backlash!

After Rob started this trade-in program, he received quite the outcry via social media. Though there was some support of his idea, there were also quite a few sick and malicious people who contacted him and and threaten death, destruction, or rape of his family members such as the following comments:

facebook comments violence1

facebook comments4

facebook comments3

He received a particularly large amount of negative comments when people thought that he was going to burn the flags.

However, that was never the intention as Jenkins is very well aware of the history. He says:

“To me, it represents prejudice and hatred. It’s really hard to argue against that. Granted it didn’t originally intend on being a racist flag, obviously. It just symbolizes that now.”

After all the negativity that Rob received, he was even forced to post the following message on Facebook to clarify that there would be no flag burning:

We realize we have caused tensions with our views on what the confederate flag represents. We are still doing our…
Posted by PoBoy’s & Rich Chic’s Cajun Eats on Wednesday, June 24, 2015

We understand people are entitled to their opinions, but the world is evolutionary and the meaning of words, objects, and symbols changes over time.

The Confederate symbol has become such a reminder of negativity and racism, it’s just time to let it go.

We commend Rob for continuing to stand up for what he believes in and hope you continue to fight, even in the face of bullies!

[Image via CBS7.]

Jun 26, 2015 3:31pm PDT

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