Warren Sapp Charged With Domestic Battery For Alleged Altercation With Longtime GF Chalyce Moore — Did He Really Bite Her Finger?

warren sapp domestic battery charge


On Thursday, former NFL player Warren Sapp was charged with domestic battery for an incident from back in April where he allegedly assaulted his longtime girlfriend Chalyce Moore in Las Vegas.

It’s reported that the Hall of Famer has since been charged with three domestic battery misdemeanors.

Sapp is accused of biting Miz Moore’s finger, throwing her to the ground, and stepping on her head. Whoa.

Why did he bite her finger?! That’s weird.

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If found guilty, the football star could face up to 18 months in jail. Uh oh.

The altercation is reported to have started in a private cabana at the M Resort when Sapp threw a margarita in his GF’s face. Well, that’s rude.

Unfortunately for Sapp, documents claim the incident was caught on hotel cameras.

Apparently, the argument escalated when the two left the hotel and returned to Moore’s condo. The model reportedly suffered a bruise on her lower lip, abrasions on her shoulders and legs, as well as a bruise on her temple in the shape of Sapp’s sandals.

However, this isn’t the first scandal the 42-year-old has faced this year. Back in February, the NFL network analyst lost his job after being arrested on assault charges and for soliciting a prostitute.

It’s certainly been a dramatic year for Warren.

We’ll be interested to see how this all plays out in court on July 23.

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Jun 26, 2015 8:16am PDT

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