SpaceX’s Newest Rocket Explodes After Liftoff — Will Civilian Space Travel Ever Be A Thing?

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It’s not quite ready… yet!

On Sunday morning, SpaceX was trying once again to send an unmanned rocket to the International Space Station and then land it on a barge out in the ocean… and, well, they didn’t quite make it.

Just minutes after liftoff, the rocket exploded in mid-air before it could even get close to the ISS, and at least for another day, civilian space hopes were (temporarily) dashed.

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On Twitter, the outfit confirmed the “anomaly”:

An hour later, founder Elon Musk updated with what they know so far:

Ch-ch-check out the full video of the failed launch (below):

Civilian space travel will come soon… right?!

[Image via YouTube.]

Jun 28, 2015 6:15pm PDT

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