Kanye West VS The UK! Keep Score As We Give You The Blow-By-Blow Of All His Epic And Epically Embarrassing Moments At Glastonbury!

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Kanye West headlined the Glastonbury Festival on Saturday night, and there was so much trolling it seemed like Kanye VS the entire United Kingdom!

So let’s just say it was.

Who won??

[ Photo: Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Hit Up Their Favorite London Restaurant ]

Come with us as we give you the play-by-play of every moment of heckling, bravado, and shade to find out if Kanye conquered or got totally Union Jacked!

First, there was the…


Before the festival even began, 50k people signed an online petition to replace Kanye as headliner with a rock band.

Guess we know how that turned out.

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Point: Kanye


Kanye Who?

After Yeezus declared himself the “greatest living rock star on the planet,” The Who‘s Pete Townshend took umbrage and delivered a little old school shade to the American.

The audience cheering means we have to give it to Pete.

Point: UK


Kanye takes on the Queen

In a surprise move, Kanye performed a straight cover of the Queen classic Bohemian Rhapsody. And you know what? It totally won the crowd over in a massive singalong!

Point: Kanye


Kanye vs Sir Ray of J

During his set, someone held up a HUGE homemade banner depicting an NSFW still from Kim Kardashian West‘s infamous sex tape!

Ouch! Even after so many years, it still has to sting that someone else planted their flag there first — and got it on film.

Point: UK


Kanye Interrupted

Kanye’s set was crashed by a comedian trying to interrupt him in the name of Taylor Swift.

Frankly, the guy came off looking just as bad as Kanye did when he interrupted Tay. It’s just not cool.

Point: Kanye


Kanye vs Subtitles

The BBC closed captioning team had a bit of fun with Kanye’s lyrics. Some of it was censoring, but most was just, well… Take a look for yourself!

OK, “He raps” wins this. Too funny!

Point: UK


So what’s the end result?

Kanye: 3, UK: 3

A tie???

Well, in American football, we might not stand for that, but this is Brit turf. And in their football, games can and often do end in ties, so…


[Image via Daniel Sims/Seb/WENN.]

Jun 29, 2015 3:25pm PDT

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