5 Fun Facts About Odd Mom Out Star Jill Kargman, Plus A Sneak Peek Of Tonight’s HIGHlarious Episode!

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If you haven’t been watching Odd Mom Out on Bravo, you’re missing out!

Ever wondered about those uber-rich moms with the designer strollers lining Upper East Side? Well, this comedy hilariously gives us a look into their high society lives. It’s actually and adaptation of the show’s Jill Kargman’s bestselling book Momzillas, and Jill stars in it.

So, we have five fun facts about the author-turned-actress:

1. Odd Mom Out is Jill’s first big acting role!

Jill still considers herself a writer first and foremost. Although she trained as an actor, Odd Mom Out is her first on-screen gig. She isn’t nervous about being the lead on a show, telling People:

“I think there’s a freedom in being 40 where you just don’t give a s—, I really don’t care and I don’t have the same insecurities that I probably would have had at 20 if I pursued it.”

2. Jill plays herself!

One reason why Jill isn’t nervous is that she plays a fictionalized version of Jill named Jill Weber. Interested coincidence, the actor that plays Andy — Jill’s husband on the show — is also named Andy (Andy Buckley) in real life.

3. Jill’s dad was once the head of Chanel.

Jill’s dad is Arie L. Kopelman, the former CEO of Chanel. While Jill definitely grew up privileged, she didn’t get showered with designer handbags growing up.

4. Drew Barrymore is her sister-in-law!

Jill’s brother — Will Kopelman — has been married to Drew Barrymore since 2012. Jill says Drew has not only given tips about acting, but also parenting. Their kids love to play together.

5. Jill’s on-screen styles are mostly her own

On the show, Jill has a wardrobe that Carrie Bradshaw would envy! About 50% of Jill clothes are what she wears in real-life, the other 50% being clothes the costume designer brought in that matched her personal style.

Ch-ch-check out this sneak peek of tonight’s Odd Mom Out, and be sure to catch the full episode on Bravo Monday at 10pm!

Jun 29, 2015 12:20pm PDT

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