True Detective Season 2 Did NOT Just Do That! Find Out If Your Fave Just Bit The Dust!

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Holy crap, True Detective!

OK, for everyone saying that nothing happens in Season 2, obviously that’s all changed now.

The decision to spend almost the entire first episode on character backstory was not a very popular one, but we’re guessing bringing things to a head this early isn’t exactly what fans had in mind!

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The second ep was all about the early legwork of the murder investigation by detectives Rachel McAdams, Colin Farrell, and Taylor Kitsch and crook Vince Vaughn, who has a financial interest in solving the case.

It all seems very first-ten-minutes-of-Law & Order until things go True Detective Season 1-style crazy!


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And it appears that they kill off one of the leads!

We know it’s a miniseries and all bets are off, but we really didn’t expect this!

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Colin Farrell, AKA Ray Velcoro, walks into a second address the victim used and finds — even more disturbing than the sexual curio cabinet that was the vic’s home — a place with soundproof walls, recording equipment, and animal masks.

And then, before you can say Ned Stark, a guy in a raven mask sneaks up behind him and shoots him with a shotgun!

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But can it really be the end for Colin Farrell and his amazing mustache already??

Here is some evidence why not:

1 – IMDB has Colin listed for all eight episodes.

2 – Actress Abigail Spencer, who plays Ray’s ex-wife Gena, said in an interview that their story would play out over the course of the season.

3 – Scenes in the trailer featuring Colin that WE HAVEN’T SEEN YET! Like this one where all three cops lead a raid of some kind.

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We hope they’re not looking for Colin’s ‘stache. Because it’s right there.

OK, could all that be a smokescreen??

We guess, but that’s a lot of trouble to go to just to misdirect us when they didn’t have to. That’s a Yellow King-sized red herring.

Nah, we’re guessing Colin will make it somehow.

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We may be biased though. We’d hate for him to go just as the show is really warming up.

We’re enjoying Vince getting back into his gangster life, Taylor’s tortured (possibly closeted) sexuality, and Rachel’s speech about why she carries so many knives.

It’s like the playwright Chekhov said, you don’t arm Regina George with several small knives on her person in episode one unless you’re going to have her stab the crap out of someone by episode eight.

Direct quote.

We just hope it’s not to avenge Detective Farrell.

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Jun 29, 2015 10:58am PDT

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