Is Eva Longoria Referencing Hitler While Speaking Out About Donald Trump’s Controversial Comments?!

Eva Longoria opens up about Donald Trump's remarks on Mexican immigrants!

Eva Longoria has had enough.

She’s tried to avoid bringing up how she feels about Donald Trump‘s totally ridiculous — and totally offensive — comments from the speech he gave when he was announcing his presidential bid.

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The 40-year-old didn’t want to talk Trump because she didn’t want to give him more publicity and attention, explaining:

“It struck a cord within our community that touched our emotions so deep that I don’t want to contribute to that poison being spread because if I contribute, it’s just going to bring even more attention to the original comments.”

But, she just couldn’t keep quiet any longorier.

During an interview at the National Association of Latino Independent Producers Media Summit, the actress addressed the mogul’s ridiculous remarks, saying:

“What I don’t think he understands and what people don’t understand is words create emotional poison. That’s what they do, they create emotional poison.”

But once she got going about the bad business that’s come from his controversial comments — like NBC cutting ties, Mexico dropping out of Miss Universe, and both hosts quitting next month’s Miss USA pageant — she just couldn’t stop.

The brunette beauty even touched upon how powerful words can be, like in the case of Adolf Hitler, saying:

“I’m not comparing anyone. Of course I’m NOT saying Donald Trump himself is dangerous, but that WORDS can be dangerous. I was referring to the quote ‘The word is so powerful that one word can change a life or destroy the lives of millions.’ – Don Miguel Ruiz, Four Agreements

The Donald has certainly lost a few fans, famous or otherwise, after his big speech.

So naturally, we’re curious to see what he’s going to be like in a debate.

[Image via Pat Denton/Joel Ginsburg/WENN.]

Jun 30, 2015 8:14pm PDT

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