Paris Hilton Endured The WORST Prank Ever On Egyptian TV — And Now She May Be Suing The People Responsible!

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This. Is. Horrifying!!!

Paris Hilton appeared on the Egyptian prank series Ramez Wakel el-Gaw recently and was a passenger on a very elaborate “crashing” plane.

In the ep, Paris thinks she’s on the way to Dubai for the opening of a new hotel, with no clue that she’s the butt of a terrifying joke!

The plane then encounters a “problem” and Ramez Galal, the host of the show, plays it up to get Paris going.

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And get Paris going, it did!

The heiress freaks out — like we all probably would — about the plane going down, only to find out it’s all a prank.

Video of the incident made its way to YouTube very briefly, but was deleted on copyright grounds.

An now we’re hearing Paris is furious with the pranksters and wants to sue!

According to reports, Paris is angry about the faux plane ride, alleging it caused severe emotional distress to the socialite who is already afraid of flying.

Apparently, the plane nearly hit the water upon its fake descent, and then almost did a loop returning to higher ground?!

Whatever’s going on, Paris insists she wasn’t in on the prank and had no idea it was coming — and as for the lawsuit, well, we’ll believe it when we see it filed!

What do U think — is this a prank gone too far, or totally HIGHlarious?!

[Image via Pat Denton/WENN.]

Jun 30, 2015 10:09am PST

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