Progress Marches On As This Openly Transgender College Athlete Makes History!

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This is AHmazing!

Schuyler Bailar, a swimmer at Harvard University, was a star recruit for the women’s team immediately upon arrival on campus.

But Bailar, who identifies as male, wasn’t sure about that dream after coming out as transgender after already being recruited by the college for the women’s team.

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Now, the team has come through with an amazing move to get him in the right place! The women’s coach found out about Bailar’s identity concern, and gave him another option: he could have a spot on either the women’s or the men’s team!

Bailar, not even knowing that was an option, was ecstatic:

“It’s half terrifying and half exciting. I’m just kind of embracing it with open arms.”

On the women’s team, the 19-year-old would’ve already been a star, but on the mean’s team, he’s just another athlete. Rather than be competitive first, his gender identity won out.

“I just want to be a boy. I can’t live this in-between thing anymore.”

Kevin Tyrrell, the men’s coach at Harvard, talked to his team about Bailar and what the deal was with his acceptance on the team. Not surprisingly, the other guys were completely down for it:

We talked about how we’re all about character and values, and I kind of gave my two cents: If we’re going to say that we care about others, then this is something we should consider. And basically all the guys said, within 15 seconds, ‘Yeah, let’s do it.'”

Bailar, who is making history as one of the first openly transgender athletes in college sports, never felt like he fit in during his high school career, but now, things are starting to fall into place:

“Through high school I grew my hair out, I conformed, I dressed in the high heels to prom ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ and I was miserable. I did succeed in swimming because that was really my only outlet. That was the only place to put my passion into, because I didn’t enjoy much else really.”

This is SO great!

Congratulations to Schuyler for being who he is meant to be, and best of luck at Harvard!!!

Jun 30, 2015 6:45pm PST

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