Here Are Five Killer Things You Need To Know About MTV’s New Scream Series — From Character Deaths To Changes From The Original Movie!

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What’s your favorite scary TV show?

If you like watching a bunch of articulate teens getting stalked and butchered by a masked serial killer, then you’ll LOVE MTV‘s television adaptation of Scream!

The horror series premiered on Tuesday, and while the kill count barely took off, it definitely kept the spirit of the Wes Craven horror movie alive and well.

Series showrunner Jill Blotevogel revealed the secret of taking the 1996 slasher movie and re-structuring it into a 10 episode arc allows for more time to be spent on developing characters and adding an MTV-appropriate amount of teen drama to the mix!

Here are 5 things that Blotevogel revealed we can expect from the horror tv show! SPOILERS BELOW!

1. ) Things are going to take some time for all hell to break loose.

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We all know the best part of a slasher film is when the body count piles up and things get frantic, but Blotevogel dishes that the bloodbath will come towards the end of the season:

“In a movie, whenever the first couple of murders start happening, everything goes to hell. For a series, if that happened in episode two you wouldn’t be able to have kids going out on a picnic, or a field trip or a football game ├óΓé¼┬ª But of course as soon as you get to a certain point and you’ve had murders take place, you’ve got to establish that things are getting a little out of control.”

2.) We can expect to see the same story continuing next season.

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While they toyed with the idea, Scream WON’T be an anthology series, a la American Horror Story:

“There was some early talk about perhaps doing each season as a sort of separate anthology-type story with a new town, a new killer, a new heroine. But we very quickly realized that we really liked our core cast and our core characters. That’s what made us say, “Let’s take the mystery and make it bigger and make it deeper. And let’s take the characters and make them richer.” “

3.) We can “possibly” expect more Bella Thorne!

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The showrunners are “talking about” having the actress return to play Nina. We’d love to see her reign of terror in flashback scenes! Blotevogel said:

“To have Bella (Thorne) for the opening kill is so much fun. She’s just the right personality; an amazing combination of charm and bitchiness. You can kind of care about her, and you kind of hate her ├óΓé¼┬ª I always compare it to the death of Laura Palmer at the beginning of “Twin Peaks.” You find her dead and you don’t know much about her, but you learn more about her and the town as you dig in to her murder.”

[ Video: EXCLUSIVE! Will Bella Thorne Be Back In MTV’s Scream? ]

4.) The new “ghostface” mask needed a facelift for modern day audiences!

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While many fans were upset that the series would be without the iconic ghost face mask featured in the original films, Blotevogel explained that the mask was something the show runners felt needed to be updated:

“It was many, many conversations over many months, and I think that everyone’s opinion was that in 1996, when we first saw it, [the old mask] was terrifying. But I think once Scary Movie took the mask and did their various versions of it, it just wasn’t as impactful as it was originally ├óΓé¼┬ª We just realized that if we’re reinventing Scream for TV, we needed to take the license and create something that had the same shock value that the original did in 1996.”

5) Just like in Game of Thrones, NO character is safe!

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In a horror series, the whole point of creating characters that audiences love is to make it that much harder when the characters are gutted like a fish! Blotevogel explains the show runners are taking a page from George R.R. Martin‘s playbook:

“For us, we knew that we had to make some pretty exciting kills, but we kept going back to: If you love these characters, you don’t want to see them die├óΓé¼┬ª Even a simple kill can have as much impact as the craziest one if you care about the character enough and you’re invested. Then the complexity or the gore value of the kill is not as important as ‘Oh my god, they just killed my favorite character!’

Sounds like this series is to die for! Go watch Scream Tuesdays at 10 pm on MTV!

Jul 1, 2015 1:40pm PDT

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