The New York Times Told Its Readers To Add THIS To Their Guacamole & The Internet Completely Lost Its Mind!

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The New York Times should stick to what it knows and stay out of our guacamole.

On Wednesday morning, TNYT decided to advise its readers on one of the most beloved foods of all time — guacamole. The legendary paper offended and disturbed many subscribers when it tweeted out an article that suggested guacamole enthusiasts add PEAS(PEEEEAAAASSSS!!!) to their guac for “sweetness” and “texture”.

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What the what?! This sounds like a culinary travesty!!

Obviously, the Twitterverse did not take well to this suggestion and BLASTED the paper for its terrible advice. Even President Obama freaked out! Check out some of the best tweets (below)!

Ha! We love all of these responses!

So, what do YOU think about peas in guac?

Jul 1, 2015 7:16pm PDT

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