Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Baskett Reveal The Truth About What Really Happened During Last Year’s Cheating Scandal! You Will be Stunned!

hank baskett comes clean about sex scandal

Ready for the truth??

It’s been one year since it was reported that Hank Baskett had an affair with a transgender woman while his wife Kendra Wilkinson was eight months pregnant.

After the all media frenzy, it appears the reality TV couple has decided to come clean about what really happened — and how they moved on.

The former NFL player shared:

“I messed up. I put myself in a bad situation. And everything through me brought pain upon this family.”

Baskett went on to explain that last April he spotted a couple smoking marijuana and asked them if he could buy some. The duo gave him a phone number and was eventually given an address.

The former wide receiver went on to share that after arriving at the house he used the restroom — but when he emerged he had quite the shock.

Apparently, the transgender woman who had welcomed him into the home was naked and making out with another transgender woman. The host then approached the athlete and began fondling him through his shorts. Whoa!

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He relayed:

“I didn’t engage in anything. It was like a bank robbery. You never know when you’ll freeze. I don’t know if it was a couple of seconds or 15 seconds, because all I was saying was get out, get out, get out.”

But why not say this from the get-go?! Well, the 32-year-old claims that he was so humiliated and distraught by the incident that he struggled to talk about it with anyone — including his wife.

He stated:

“I was this big former football player. I was the alpha male. I could do anything to protect my family but I couldn’t protect myself.”

How sad.

Kendra was ready to believe the media when the news broke of the incident. Unfortunately, the Kendra On Top starlet even went as far as flushing her wedding rings down the toilet.

Nonetheless, when Hank told his wife about really happened she responded sympathetically:

“Hank was very na├â┬»ve and gullible. He thinks everybody is his friend. That led him to the hell that we’ve lived.”

Hmm, very inneresting. However, despite the blonde beauty’s understanding, her husband hasn’t gotten off scot-free.

She commented:

“I don’t say the word ‘cheat.’ I can say he was not loyal to me. I don’t care about the act. I care about how he reacted to it and how I was told by the media what happened. That scarred me.”

But, Kendra stood by her man even when an audio tape was leaked with Hank trying to pay the women to stay quiet. Hank still vehemently denies that he sought out the woman after allegedly seeing photos of her online.

After months of therapy and stint on WEtv‘s Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars the duo seems stronger than ever. In a glass half full mentality, Hugh Hefner‘s ex is even ready for this scandal to be a learning lesson for her kids.

Maybe wait till they’re a little older?! HA!

Kendra’s husband concluded:

“I have a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I feel extremely free.”

Wow! What an honest interview. We wish you and Kendra all the best and hope you can put this incident in the past.

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]

Jul 1, 2015 10:08am PDT

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