Venemous Jellyfish-Like Marine Creatures Invade The Jersey Shore! Read About The Scary Jelly-Monsters HERE!

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What’s worse than an jellyfish infestation ruining your beach day? An infestation of jelly-monsters whose sting can be fatal!

East Coast beaches have been the unfortunate destination of strange marine animals called Man O’ War, due to strong winds and the Gulf Stream current carrying them from their native Portuguese waters!

For the past several weeks, these large, colorful siphonophores have been spotted along the beaches in Harvey Cedars, New Jersey — where lifeguards cautioned swimmers by issuing water hazards.

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Man O’ War are usually mistaken for jellyfish, but are far more venomous and their tentacles are capable of stretching as long as 165 feet!

Matthew Landau, a professor of Marine Science at Stockton University, explained that to humans, a Man O’ War sting can be fatal even when they appear to be dead. He explains:

“Symptoms are usually localized (pain where contact was made), but in some cases there can be muscle and joint aches, or even confusion and respiratory distress. In extreme cases, a victim may go into shock, which in deep water will lead to drowning.”

So, should we be expecting an infestation of these drifting jelly-monsters? The professor puts us at ease, saying:

“I suppose that, in theory, if the oceans are warming, the natural range of the Portuguese Man O’ War might be extended. Personally, I don’t think that there will be a significant factor in the animal’s distribution for a long time.”

Either way, we hope beachgoers at the Jersey Shore are extra cautious this summer!

[Image via 4Neus/Flickr.]

Jul 1, 2015 5:06pm PDT

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