Aid Worker Reveals Which Humanitarian Celebs Are On The Nice AND Naughty Lists! The Revelations May Surprise You!

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This just reaffirmed that everything is not always as it seems!

In a recent tell-all, an aid worker opened up about celebs who are well-known for their humanitarian efforts, like Sean Penn, Angelina Jolie, and Orlando Bloom.

While the public is only privy to well-crafted photo-ops, the worker dished some very inneresting and behind the scenes info. While some A-listers were deemed amazing to work with, others gave a bad name to charity.

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As for the nice list, Angelina, Orlando, Sean (kind of) and Matt Dillon made the cut. The source explains that Bloom and Dillon often blended in with the other workers and that they always gave 100%.

As for Angie, the insider revealed:

“She knew more about refugees, and had been to more places than I had. She had her own cameraman, so all I had to do was find the locations and the refugees.”

Another source added:

“I was impressed with her in Haiti, in Jordan and in Sri Lanka. She left experts speechless every time.”

Sounds like Jolie to us! The 40-year-old does have a few children from struggling parts around the world!

In regards to Penn, the reviews were mixed. The aid worker revealed that at first the actor was not pleasant to work with, saying:

“Sean was a camp manager who was initially known for turning up at UN meetings and yelling at those present that if they didn’t do what he said he’d name them personally on CNN as holding up the relief effort.”

Sheesh, not cool! At least SP redeemed himself when the source commended him for “calming down and learning his trade”.

So, which celeb didn’t receive any praise?

According to the insider, Christina Aguilera was NOT pleasant, elaborating:

“In Haiti, in the UN base where most of the first responders lived, one agency outraged the entire base by taking over the only air conditioned tent ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ in which some slept due to the sauna-like conditions in the accommodation area ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ to host a cocktail reception for Christina Aguilera.

I vividly remember a colleague, in boxers and a T-shirt, arguing vociferously with [Aguilera’s] bouncers, who told him that not only was he not allowed in, but he was inappropriately dressed for the local culture. The irony of telling off someone for not wearing enough clothes when your day job is guarding a woman whose career was largely built on not wearing enough clothes was apparently lost on them.”

Eek!! That sounds pretty terrible for the volunteers!

So, are you surprised by any of these revelations?

[Image via AP Images.]

Jul 2, 2015 4:30pm PDT

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